Here are some ways to show your appreciation for Arizona Water Professionals during their special week.

1. #AZWaterProfessionals

Share on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

Add a logo line to email signatures: “We support Arizona Water Professionals”

Highlight jobs and/or employees on your website.

2. Host a tour, open house, or event. 

Advertise and host an open house at a plant or recharge facility where you can highlight your employees’ work.

Invite elected officials, the business community, media, your customers and the general public.

3. Show your employees some love

Purchase pins recognizing them as valued Arizona Water Professionals.

Surprise them with a cake, or meal, to show your appreciation.

Hang a sign at your facilities thanking your employees.

4. Issue a local/state proclamation or resolution

Provide elected and appointed officials an easy opportunity to be champions for water professionals in their communities. A sample resolution, modified from the House version is available here.

5. Mentor students and young staff

Start a mentor program for young professionals in your company or agency.

Partner with local universities, community colleges and technical programs to promote careers in the water industry.

Give a presentation on your job at a local school – from elementary to high school to university classes. Tell them why your work is important.

Sources: Imagine a Day Without Water Resources and ACWA Toolkit